How to predict a shift in the forex market

Success in the forex market depends on your ability to predict market movements. To perfect a prediction, it requires you to do extensive research and understanding of the factors that may cause changes to the currencies exchange rate. Shifts in market prices forms a pattern commonly referred to as trade patterns. Past forex market signals assist in the technical analysis of the current market signals. Here are things that can help you predict a change in the market.


The political environment of a country plays a significant role in its currency. The foreign market depends on a country’s currency exchange rate.  Any political disturbances will also cause currency shifts since a currency represents a country and not a company. A negative change will lead to decreased interest rates on the currency, chasing away investors. A favorable political climate will make a country’s central bank increase interest rates hence catching the interest of investors.

Economic growth

Mostly, the countries with a strong economy have a relatively stable market trend. Such a strong economy makes the central bank raise interest rates in a bid to contain inflationary growth. Interest increases, more investors will draw interest in such a country’s financial market. The demand for that currency grows, leading to an increase in exchange. A weak economy is vulnerable; with low-interest rates that are unattractive to investors hence decreased currency rates.

Mergers and acquisitions

Companies and corporations participate in mergers and acquisitions often. It involves a company from one economic taking an interest in purchasing a corporation in another country. As a result of this merger, there are likely to be changed in the forex market because different currencies are involved. As an investor, you should study such a situation carefully as you predict the short term effect it has on the forex market, either positive or negative.

Trade and capital flows

A capital flow includes an investment received by a country from international sources. As a result of a trade, there are trade flows. Before you can make any market predictions, it is essential to determine if a country is dependent on it’s capital or trade flow. Some countries depend on both, while others rely on either trade flows or capital flows.

Interest rates

With the rise of interest rates, the value of a country’s currency grows. As a result, there is capital appreciation increasing the chances for an investor to make profits from an investment made during this time. To make money out of interest rates, you can buy currencies from those countries’ with high-interest rates with finances from countries that have low interest rates on their currencies.

Final word

Forex trading is a market that requires lots of research and dedication. You should, therefore, have the patients to use as much material at your disposal as possible. If you are a beginner, take your time with Demo accounts and only trade when you feel you are ready. Pick out a mentor from other investors who are successful in forex trading and follow their example. Always making incorrect predictions can cost you more money.