The perks of forex trading

Globally, the forex trade market is one of the largest liquefied financial markets. Technological advancements and the fact that banks mainly dominate the market have made it even easier for the market to grow. Here are the benefits of trading forex. The forex trading market enjoys high liquidity. The market is global meaning there are […]

How to predict a shift in the forex market

Success in the forex market depends on your ability to predict market movements. To perfect a prediction, it requires you to do extensive research and understanding of the factors that may cause changes to the currencies exchange rate. Shifts in market prices forms a pattern commonly referred to as trade patterns. Past forex market signals […]

How to avoid Forex scams

The forex trading market is the largest globally. It has attracted the government, speculators, banks, and even multinational companies. Each one of these individuals is looking to make money. As an experienced trader, the in-depth knowledge of the market situation can help you make huge returns. However, there are risks involved. Forex scams can leave […]

6 forex trading tips as a beginner

Just like when you are doing any other thing for the first time, you are likely to be overwhelmed as a beginner in forex trading. There is a lot for you to learn, and you might find yourself getting confused. When taken slow, forex trading can be a lucrative investment career. Here are tips that […]

Economic factors that affect forex trade

The effects of economic changes are felt immediately on the forex trade market. The company with the most shares in the forex market in a country is likened to the shares of the country. Due to the immediate changes, it is necessary to know these economic factors. Here are the economic factors that are likely […]